10 Signs of a Sociopath Which May Surprise You

Are you a sociopath?


The Ivy League and other top schools attract some of the most brilliant and ambitious students in the United States, and from around the world. Sometimes, that much ambition and polished brilliance can show signs of sociopathic tendencies.

Many think that sociopaths lurk in the dark waiting to kill their victims. In fact, according to author Kevin Dutton, sociopathic tendency is common among the successful and highly educated, as sociopathic behaviors can serve well for success in life and popularity.

What is sociopathy? The world still seems to not be informed on this psychological orientation. As for today, there is still no consensus among psychologists about the exact cause of sociopathy: whether it’s purely genetic, or purely developmental, or a little bit of both. But there are possible signs of a sociopath that can be observed, and they seem to be universal.

10 Signs of a Sociopath Which May Surprise You:

1. Sociopaths are too charming and can have many friends (or followers)

2. Sociopaths have deep sense of entitlement and have to win at everything

3. Sociopaths are often highly rational, often to complement their own ambition


4. Sociopaths are great liars and believe whatever they lie about to heart

5. Sociopaths are manipulative, especially with other people’s feelings

6. Sociopaths are impulsive and intense, and often showing anti-social behaviors

7. Sociopaths don’t feel feelings of guilt, shame and remorse, and don’t apologize

8. Sociopaths like drama, especially when it involves them

9. Sociopaths are unreliable and tend to fail their life plans

10 Sociopaths only think about themselves, and thus incapable of truly loving others, often saying “they have commitment issues”

Sounds like someone you know? Or maybe you?

If you feel that sociopathic tendencies affect your life and emotion, the best thing you can do is talk it out to a counselor. I mean, you paid for your school’s health insurance, after all. Why not use it?

Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/digital-leaders/201309/are-you-working-sociopath

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