10 Tips For College Freshmen

Freshman year is more than just college parties!


Tips for surviving your freshman year. If you’re about to start college on your freshman year then continue reading. . . 10 Tips For College Freshmen. Freshman year is more than just college parties!

1. Don’t worry about being a freshman

Don’t be afraid of being a freshman. Everybody wants to relive their first year in college. Typical advice you will hear is “don’t walk around in big groups” but who really cares. College can be overwhelming but just learn to be cool!

2. Avoid high school drama

As much as you would like to think that there will be no drama queens or kings at college that is wishful thinking. So don’t start fights or bully others.

3. There’s a reason your here

Going to college is an exciting time for any freshman. But you might ask yourself why am I here? The purpose of college is to get an education and a degree. Don’t just focus on your social life!

4. Participate

There are many opportunities in college to be involved. From clubs, and groups that can offer you new skills and friends. Get involved as a freshman you won’t regret it!

5. Don’t forget to study

If you have a busy social calendar at college it’s easy to forget to study. Read the books your supposed to read so you actually enjoy classes, otherwise you will be left wondering what is going on in class. Plus if you want an A then you need to study.

6. Go to the gym

Getting fit is going to give you a lot of motivation to do well in college. The college buffet dining doesn’t help your fitness goals. Check out the facilities at the rec center you won’t be disappointed.

7. Leave your comfort zone

College is a time to explore new opportunities and make new connections. Don’t let fear hold you back from being who you want to be. Try something new like joining a sports club, or talking to a stranger.

8. Don’t go overboard

If you like to party then don’t get carried away in college. Don’t get yourself in trouble because your a freshman.

9. Talk to professors

Try to get to know your professors. It might seem like an easy thing to avoid. Plus, professors can help you with letters of recommendation.

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10. Explore the campus

Get to know and learn to use the campus facilities. From dining halls to rec centers, and health facilities the campus offers students many benefits.

What do you think of these 10 Tips For College Freshmen?

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