7 Benefits of Living in Philadelphia


Before moving to a new city you want to know what are some of the key benefits of living there. If you’re thinking of studying or living in Philadelphia it offers many benefits from affordability to entertainment. Read 7 Benefits of Living in Philadelphia, to see why it’s such a great city to live in.

  1. Location
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The city has a good location and is close to major destinations. Only 1 hour to New York City, and 2 hours to D.C. (by train).

2. Restaurants & Bars

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A busy nightlife with incredible food options makes Philadelphia a desirable city. Choose from many restaurants and bars. Try a Philly cheesesteak!

3. Public Transport

It’s easy to get around in the city with good transport options, and you can easily walk downtown!

4. Sports

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Sports fans will find plenty of games to watch here. . .

5. Entertainment

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Want to go to six flags? Located in Jackson, New Jersey this theme park is close to Philadelphia. You can ride on the skull mountain, and green lantern.

6. Cost of Living

Low cost of living when you compare it with other U.S cities

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7. University

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The University of Pennsylvania (UPENN) is located in Philadelphia, with a 6:1 student faculty ratio, this school is highly ranked and is apart of the ivy league.

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