7 Pre-College Summer Programs



Completing a pre-college summer program can help anyone interested in attending college. It can give students a feel for college level courses. There are many benefits for students who want to study a pre-college program. Read about 7 Pre-College Summer courses below:

  1. Harvard Pre-Summer Courses
Via Harvard University

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Duration: two weeks

Cost: Approx $5,000

Who can apply:

  • Sophomores and juniors
  • Competitive application process

No of classes: 100+

2.Brown University Pre-Summer Courses

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Duration: one to seven weeks

Cost: varies based on course length and your total duration on campus

  • One week of meals: $276
  • One week of housing: $296
  • Course fee: Approx $900-$8,000

Who can apply: middle school and up, depending on the course

No of classes: 330+

3. Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies

Location: Stanford, California

Duration: three to eight weeks

Cost: depends on program

Who can apply: grades 1–12, depending on program

No of classes: 145

4. Emory College Pre-College Courses


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Duration: two to six weeks

Cost: Approx $3,000–$8,000

Who can apply: juniors and seniors

Number of classes:

Emory College of Arts and Sciences (part of Emory University) offers non-credit and college credit programs.

5. Cornell University Summer College

Location: Ithaca, New York

Duration: two to six weeks

Cost: about $4,000–$13,000

Who can apply:

  • Open to grades 10–12
  • Competitive application

No of classes: 37

6. Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Duration: six weeks

Cost: about $3,000–$10,000

Eligibility: selective admissions process

Number of classes: 7

7. University of Chicago Summer

Via: University of Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Duration: three or four weeks

Cost: N/A

Who can apply: N/A

No of classes: 15+


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