5 Funny Things College Students Say


College students are known to say some pretty funny things at times. Here’s 5 Funny Things That College Students Say:

1.“Is there an Ivy in Ithaca?

This is stupid because Cornell is in Ithaca, and YES Cornell is in the Ivy League.

2. “Your SAT score doesn’t matter in real life”

Everyone is scared waiting for college decisions. Yes it does actually matter if you want to work on Wall Street.

3. “Did I mention I go to Harvard?” 

Name dropping the fact you go to Harvard shouldn’t become a habit.

4. “I can’t go out tonight because I have to study”

College parties are the best! It doesn’t matter if you fail Biology 101.

5. “I was a straight A student in High School”

It might come as a surprise to many college students that college is actually hard.

There are many funny things college students say.

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