5 Reasons Why Penn Is the Best Ivy


There are many things you can love about all of the Ivy League schools, but many schools will find it hard to compete with the University of Pennsylvania because of these five reasons:

1. The Social Ivy: Playboy’s #1 Party School

The University of Pennsylvania was ranked as Playboy’s number one party school in the country in 2014.

This has provided Penn with the connotation as the “social Ivy” and allowing for students to learn how to thrive within a “work hard, play hard” lifestyle.


2. Most Billionaire Alumni

Clocking in above Harvard & Yale with 25 billionaires produced from the undergraduate level is the University of Pennsylvania.

According to CNN, if you want to be filthy rich your best bet is to attend Penn.

3. In The Heart of Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the fifth most populated city in America today with four major sport franchises, a booming nightlife scene spread across many different regions of the city, and affordable housing for young professionals as well as students. 31 Fortune 1000 companies are located in the Greater Philadelphia area as well allowing for worthwhile internships and the ability to establish yourself prior to leaving undergrad.

Time.com also listed it as the 5th most affordable housing market for millennials to buy a house. Why go work in New York City and pay $1,500 per month in rent when you can own a home in Center City for the same amount?

4. Wharton

US News & World Report ranked Wharton as the top business school in the country. This paired with Penn’s $7 billion endowment would make you think these halls are laced with gold and the smartboards stream out real life 3D images.

None of that is true, but damn the seats sure are comfortable.

5. Founded by Ben Franklin

When founded by Ben Franklin it was established to prepare young Americans to enter business and public service rather than being established for providing an education to future clergymen such as other Ivy League institutions like Princeton and Harvard.

The motto established by Ben Franklin for the University of Pennsylvania “Leges sine moribus vanae” means “Laws without morals are useless.” Penn seems to be doing a great job producing top tier graduates with proper morals after their sinfully filled undergraduate experience.