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10 Best-Paying Jobs


The highest paid jobs in the United States might surprise you. The best-paying jobs won’t only be found in technology for workers. Read this before planning your career. The list below is based on the report by Glassdoor: Highest paid jobs in the U.S 2019.

10) Software development / $109,809


9) Corporate controller / median salary $113,368

8) Physician assistant / median salary $113,855

7) Software engineer / median salary $114,163

6) Corporate counsel / median salary $117,588


5) Enterprise architect / median salary $122,585

4) Pharmacist / median salary $126,438

3) Dentist / median salary $142,478

2) Pharmacy manager / median salary  $144,768

1) Physician / median salary $193,415

Health care jobs are in the top four paid positions. Did the result surprise you?

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7 Things To Do Before You Graduate


Going to university is a big expense and you might as well enjoy your time there. While the purpose of going to university is to get a degree, you can also achieve so much more in that time. . . Don’t miss out on doing these 7 things before you graduate!

1 Go on a holiday

Visit Rum Cay! Credit: bahamas.com

Go on holiday during semester break! Consider visiting Cuba or the Bahamas and spend some quality time poolside. There are so many amazing destinations for students to explore, and some trips are cheap.

2 Take a break from partying

FOMO can be a problem for some people. Don’t feel like you have to party every night. You have to look after your health sometimes.

3 Get a job

Credit: Shutterstock

It might seem an obvious thing to do because university is expensive. A job will give you much needed cash so you can spend it on the things you want.

4 Find an internship

Expand your circle of contacts with an unpaid internship. The benefits of getting experience in the field you want to build a career shouldn’t be passed up. It might even help you get that wall street job you want after you graduate.

5 Join a club

There are many clubs to join from sports to society groups at university. It’s a great chance to meet some new people and expand your network.

6 Get a pet

Consider getting a dog. Animals are great for relieving exam stress.

7 Find a life partner


This might be the most obvious thing you should do at university. Finding the man or women of your dreams is a high probability. Just think about how many married couples meet at university. Don’t miss this opportunity to find your life partner.

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Get An Online Bachelor’s Degree


Get An Online Bachelor’s Degree. Discover online Bachelor programs in this article. An online degree can be more convenient way to study. Find online degrees with tuition and costs. Consider studying for a online Bachelor degree from one of these universities:


Colorado Technical University


Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Choose from 41 online degrees. Cost around $11,000 per year. Accreditiation is Higher Learning Commision. Source: CTU

American InterContinental University-Online

About: Located in Schaumburg, Illinois. Cost total is approx $54,000. Accreditiation is Higher Learning Commision. Choose from 25 online Bachelor’s degrees. Source: AI

Northeastern University

About: Located in Boston, Massachusetts. Cost total approx $61,000. Accreditation New England Association of Schools and others. Choose from 10 online Bachelor’s degrees.

Concordia University Chicago

About: Located in Illinois. Cost approx $61,000. Accreditation Higher Learning Commission. Choose from 7 online bachelor’s degrees. Source: CU

Harvard University

Credit: Harvard University

About: Located in Boston. Harvard offers online bachelor degrees, see degree options .

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10 Prettiest Campus Snowstorm Photos


Image credit: Disney Inc

See these 10 Pretty Campus Snowstorm Photos! Which is your favorite  snow covered campus photo? Snow has landed on college campuses in the Northeast,  making some pretty pictures. . . 

A storm caused travel disruptions for thanksgiving. Airline delays have seen thousands of flight cancellations at the busy holiday period. According to Reuters, the storm is continuing to dump inches of snow as it hit the Northeast on Monday, with 4000 U.S flight and delays at airports in Newark, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington.


  1. Dartmouth

2. Columbia

3. Yale University


5. Cornell University. Students making a FROZEN Snowman!

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When fall meets winter 🍂🌨❄️

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7. Brown University in the Thanksgiving weekend Snowstorm 2019. Above.

8. University of Chicago is covered in snow. Hogwarts. . .


10 Harvard University in a Blizzard.

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Top 10 STEM Universities U.S.

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Read, Top 10 STEM Universities. Read about the top ranked engineering programs in the U.S. Undergraduate engineering programs rankings. Note the programs are schools with the highest engineering degree being a doctorate.

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Location: Cambridge, MA

Tuition & Fee: $53,790

Enrolled: 4,602

2 Stanford University

Location: Stanford, CA

Tuition & Fee: $53,529

Enrolled: 7087

3 University of California -Berkeley

Location:Berkeley, CA

Tuition & Fee: $43,176(out state)

$14,182 (in state)

Enrolled: 30,853

4 California Institute of Technology

Location: Pasadena, CA

Tuition & Fee: $54,600

Enrolled: 948

4 Georgia Institute of Technology

Location: Atlanta, GA

Tuition & Fee:

$33,794 (out state)

$12,682 (in state)

Enrolled: 16,049

6 Carnegie Mellon University


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Tuition & Fee: $57,119

Enrolled: 6,947

6 University of Illinois -Urbana-Champaign

Location: Champaign, IL

Tuition & Fee:



Enrolled: 33,915

6 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor


Ann Arbor, MI

Tuition & Fee: $51,200(out-of-state)

$15,558 (in-state)

Enrolled: 30,318

9 Cornell University

Cornell University. Ithaca, NY.

Location: Ithaca, NY

Tuition & Fee: $57,222

Enrolled: 15,182


9 Purdue University – West Lafayette

Location: West Lafayette, IN

Tuition & Fee:


$9,992 (in-state)

Enrolled: 32,672

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Source: U.S News & World Report

7 Pre-College Summer Programs



Completing a pre-college summer program can help anyone interested in attending college. It can give students a feel for college level courses. There are many benefits for students who want to study a pre-college program. Read about 7 Pre-College Summer courses below:

  1. Harvard Pre-Summer Courses
Via Harvard University

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Duration: two weeks

Cost: Approx $5,000

Who can apply:

  • Sophomores and juniors
  • Competitive application process

No of classes: 100+

2.Brown University Pre-Summer Courses

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Duration: one to seven weeks

Cost: varies based on course length and your total duration on campus

  • One week of meals: $276
  • One week of housing: $296
  • Course fee: Approx $900-$8,000

Who can apply: middle school and up, depending on the course

No of classes: 330+

3. Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies

Location: Stanford, California

Duration: three to eight weeks

Cost: depends on program

Who can apply: grades 1–12, depending on program

No of classes: 145

4. Emory College Pre-College Courses


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Duration: two to six weeks

Cost: Approx $3,000–$8,000

Who can apply: juniors and seniors

Number of classes:

Emory College of Arts and Sciences (part of Emory University) offers non-credit and college credit programs.

5. Cornell University Summer College

Location: Ithaca, New York

Duration: two to six weeks

Cost: about $4,000–$13,000

Who can apply:

  • Open to grades 10–12
  • Competitive application

No of classes: 37

6. Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Duration: six weeks

Cost: about $3,000–$10,000

Eligibility: selective admissions process

Number of classes: 7

7. University of Chicago Summer

Via: University of Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Duration: three or four weeks

Cost: N/A

Who can apply: N/A

No of classes: 15+


10 Online MBA Programs


Study online and get a online MBA. Today, an online MBA program is a popular option for students. Did you know? Many top business schools now offer online MBA programs, there are at least 300 to choose from. Some of the top 10 Online MBA Programs are featured below:

# TOP 10 Online MBA Programs 2020


1.Indiana University Kelley School of Business

Indiana University

1.University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

3. Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business

Credit: Carnegie Mellon University

4.University of Florida (Hough)

5.University of Southern California Marshall School of Business


6. Arizona State University (Cary)

6.University of Texas

Credit: University of Texas

8. University of Maryland

9. Auburn University

10. University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium (equal 9th)

Consider one of this top online MBA programs if you want to get an online degree.

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Via U.S. News & World Report

10 Survival Tips For College Freshmen


Read these 10 Survival Tips For College Freshmen. If you’re about to start your freshman year then these tips that will make your freshman year that much more rewarding. These lifestyle tips will surprise you!

1. Don’t worry about being a freshman


Don’t be afraid of being a freshman. Everybody wants to relive their first year in college. Typical advice you will hear is “don’t walk around in big groups” but who really cares. College can be overwhelming but just learn to be cool! And ditch the lanyard.

2. Avoid high school drama

As much as you would like to think that there will be no drama queens or kings at college that is wishful thinking. So don’t start fights or bully others you have should have outgrown that behaviour by now.

3. There’s a reason to go to college


During your freshman year you might ask yourself why am I here? Incase you forget college is the place were you can get a degree, so when you graduate you will can get a high paid job. Don’t forget the reason your at college it’s not all about college parties.

4. Participate

There are many opportunities in college to be involved. From clubs, and groups that can offer you new skills and friends. Get involved as a freshman you won’t regret it!

5. Don’t be the freshman that’s too confident

Wait until you’re a junior before you become over confident. Remeber university is harder than high school so you should read those class assignments before class.

6. Get Fit

Getting fit is going to give you a lot of motivation to do well in college. The college buffet dining doesn’t help your fitness goals. Check out the facilities at the rec center you won’t be disappointed.

7. Leave your comfort zone

College is a time to explore new opportunities and make new connections. Don’t let fear hold you back from being who you want to be. Try something new!

8. Don’t go overboard

If you like to party then don’t get carried away in college. Don’t get yourself in trouble because your a freshman.

9. Talk to professors


Try to get to know your professors. It might seem like an easy thing to avoid. Plus, professors can help you with letters of recommendation.

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10. Explore the campus

Credit: University of Chicago

Get to know and learn to use the campus facilities. From dining halls to rec centers, and health facilities the campus offers students many benefits.

What do you think of these 10 Tips For College Freshmen?

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Student Loan Debt Soars $1.6 Trillion


Crazy student loan debt has hit an all-time high! How big is the student loan debt? Read about the soaring student loan debt crisis here. . .

The student loan debt has now reached $1.6 trillion! After five years some borrowers haven’t even paid $1 toward their debt. . .

Some candidates think the student loan billions should be forgiven, due to rising defaults. How big is your student loan debt?

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(via CNBC)

Top 10 Ranked Medical Universities


Thinking about studying medicine? Read about the 10 Top Ranked Medical Colleges below. Consider getting a degree from one of these top schools.

Rank #1

Harvard Medical School, Harvard University

Rank #2

Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford University

#Rank 3

John Hopkins School of Medicine, John Hopkins University

# Rank 3 tie!

School of Medicine, University of California


Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Rank #6

Washington University in St. Louis

Rank #7

Yale School of Medicine, Yale University

Rank #8

Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University

Rank # 9

Cornell University (Weill)

Rank # 10

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine (Langone)

Rankings may not be up to date.